who we are

Brownstone Capital NY is Brooklyn’s premiere real estate development company.

Developing environmentally-sensitive urban communities that combine innovative architectural design with high-quality construction.


Also creating trend-setting New York developments, appropriate for both residents and commercial clients, Brownstone Capital NY is one of the most reputable residential developers in the industry, seeking to enrich its communities with amenities that meet civic and municipal objectives.


In addition, Brownstone Capital NY is committed to ensuring that the design and construction of every building include environmentally-sensitive processes and practices.


The company’s focus has comprised of Multi-Family residential and mixed-use projects, and its principals have completed 320 projects to date. Totaling more than 960 residential units, more than 356,000 square feet of residential units and all developed in excellence within the past 16 years. 

Brownstone Capital NY goes beyond designing and creating residential developments by transforming and energizing neighborhoods.


Brownstone Capital NY's success is a result of the company’s vision, the insistence on quality design, construction and materials, and the choice of renowned architects, landscape designers and construction companies. Approaching business with trust and respect has resulted in productive long-term relationships with partners, lenders, contractors, consultants, and New York City agencies.


Brownstone Capital NY also has a number of affiliated companies, including Prime Home Management, Bluesky Resources Inc. and many more.

"You see in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough, you must take action.” - Anthony Robbins

our team


The Brownstone Capital NY team is comprised of leading
industry professionals.


Brownstone Capital NY is a fully integrated company comprising of residential investors/developers designed to soley provide new development, sales, acquisitions, marketing and property management services.


All key personnels are seasoned developers, architects, designers, construction administrators, marketers and project managers who have been working in the field up to 20 years or more.


Our CEO and Principal has been a real estate builder/developer in the New York City Metro region specializing in rehab/development of multi-family projects, vacant lots and mixed used properties.


During the past 15-year period he has identified home-buying trends, secured prime buildable land and has designed and developed residential and commercial properties. As a real-estate developer-entrepreneur, he has experience in all levels of land development and home-building, including property level feasibility, due diligence, analysis, acquisitions, financing, entitlements, architecture and general contracting.

Brownstone Capital NY Corporate Culture 


Heralded for an employee-friendly, flexible and relaxed work atmosphere, Brownstone Capital NY takes employee perks to the next level by offering an incentive-based challenge. Brownstone Capital NY employees are encouraged to pick an industry based event to participate in, in order to train and move up in the company.
They are encouraged to complete the full training and achieve all the goals set forth from the event/seminar, as the event is fully reimberable from the company.

Support is given to employees through their Real Estate journey including vacation incentives and discounts to area retailers.